How to find Love

What is the first thing that you think as you wake up to a new day? What is it that you think as you go to bed?

We all are mulling over different things in our heads. Constantly.

One mind is churning through the dynamics of people coming together, being together, departing. All day. Really.

Another is wondering about creating with seeds, making beer, building.

Another wonders, and has done since they can remember, about designing shoes, sometimes branches out into clothes and interior design.

Another is thinking about aircraft mechanics and dreams about space.

Another is constantly creating recipes in their mind, wondering how that will taste with go with another.

Another is dreaming about passing the ball and scoring goals and how to get their body faster, leaner, more technical.

Another is thinking constantly about sex, bodies and pleasure.

Another is meandering around the invisible realms of the Eternal Return and the cycle of Life and how to put it into words.

We are all so different. We are all on separate paths with completely different internal worlds and surprisingly different ways to perceive the world. We all think we are ‘the norm’. We are strangely constantly surprised, pleasantly or not, by others not thinking as we do, not seeing what we do, not sharing our vision of life.

Sit all those people in a room and get everyone to concentrate on one thing, one activity. For example, get musicians to play live music and for the others to listen.

If enough people are really, properly listening, without anything else in their head but music, a common field of focus is achieved. Though it’s impossible to know what’s going on into another’s mindscape, I believe that musicians are really ‘there’, becoming the music, concentrating, counting, not thinking or feeling at least outside the music, they are ‘in the zone’ allowing the music to come through them.

The audience, if a critical mass of people with blank minds is achieved, allow the music to have an effect on them, to change their mind, temporarily, into listening to the patterns of notes, of crescendos and decrescendos, of changes in tone and feel…

Suddenly, after walking through the world alone, we are together. We feel it. It is like sinking into a warm bath of togetherness. And though we are conscious that we are still alone, we know we are besides others. And sometimes, we stop thinking altogether and simply become the music. Simply become.

Our minds, for miracles of seconds, are mirrored.

And when we see ourselves in another, we feel love.

Moments of Eternity.

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