An essential ingredient of a good life is the ability to communicate about our inner life. To be able to talk to another about what is alive in us we need to have (and learn) a spoken language for things at the level of feeling that can be hard to articulate.


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therapy of writing

Forest Sessions




Individual Sessions

I’ve been thinking lots about my sessions. What I aspire to do is finding my true self in everyday life. And thanks to Julia that beam of light she brings to my true self has been my real guiding star. I’m very, very grateful.

I think that Julia’s purpose in life is to give people the confidence to be more themselves if able to collect and learn to manage their thoughts. She is able to let people be free and calm…

I feel when Julia listens, she hears the words and also what is hidden behind them. She can share many things about what she has lived, seen, learned, and perceived and from what she has transformed in herself…

Conversations about personal and self-discovery with Julia are unique and inspiring. Although she has theoretical knowledge from psychology studies and other sources of knowledge, I really like her soul experience and natural, spiritual and instinctive understanding of human situations. She has a great sense of humour. I love her perspective and empathy…

Julia has helped me go through so many emotional situations, with the death of my father she has held my hand without trying to tell me what to do, but simply given me support to find my own way thorugh my own life.

I’m grateful I found Julia. She has been here for me. I feel grateful to her for opening perspetive to me about myself and the world. I feel inspired, content and truly thankful. I did not know how much better life can be.

Therapy of Writing

If a person wants to have a healing experience by combining meditation and creativity, writing and sharing in a group, Julia is the right guide…

Julia lives a creative and spiritual life. She does what she likes. She is on her way. She lives her authentic life and is not afraid to be herself and live how she feels. It’s really inspiring.

I love the courses with Julia and being supported in getting back in touch with inner realms of travelling within Self. I started the year with no capacity, in an intense period of motherhood. The work I did with Julia helped me re-establish pathways to roots of nourishment from inside to feed me. The sessions have given me a rebirth! I feel deeply connected. I didn’t realise how hungry I had been for this.

Julie does a great job of explaining the options organizing your thoughts both in your head and on paper…

I am grateful to our little group, I feel enriched and nourished – what we all shared on our journeys meant as much as what I personally experienced. It was incredible to feel how we were all working through issues together, separately and it showed me so much more than I could have only on my own.

I was intrigued and curious to join this 6 week course. It took a few weeks to begin. I had no idea why I’m here and what is going on in the first and second weeks. In the first session I didn’t have an intention, I was simply curios to see what happens and where it goes.
I enjoyed the sessions and found it most valuable thing I have done in the past few years,
after feeling isolated and not interested in other people. I might have been in denial that I don’t need people and I am happy alone. Maybe it is true, but still I feel there is denial. I was very introverted. This course has been the biggest gift, I felt good there, with things being pulled out, and making space for things going in and just seeing and things coming out naturally.

I found the course very useful and interesting. I really liked how she presented all this information and I know for sure that I will be able to keep something for myself…

It was very interesting for me to hear about why it is necessary to understand your unconscious and the motor connections with it…

It was definitely valuable to hear that, in reality, no person understands why he is on this earth, why he is the one who was given the opportunity to live…

I really liked Julia’s own poem “An End to the Funeral Garb-Age”. Understanding and accepting who we are now, right in this mess and letting the rest go. That it is love. An opportunity to understand who we are not, let it go and step into true freedom…

Robinson is a person who is creative and for her, travelling outside is also travelling inside…

I actually didn’t want to do this course. I was in denial about that. My first journey was very cold. I just wrote in my notebook, ‘Why do I have to do this?’ In comparison I’m a surprised now with how light and nice characters I met on the journey, all from within, they all came from me! I managed to have fun and feel good despite how I felt at the beginning. This work was good as therapy. I’m also doing CBT, one-on-one and it’s a different approach.

Writing therapy helps you learn how to find the answers within yourself. It was a very liberating and empowering experience and I was enlightened in so many ways that will stay with me forever…

Sharing life stories is one of the most powerful exercises I have ever done…

It was very nourishing and very nice to accept the feminine in my life and feel a deeper connection, to share and be open and share what I feel like sharing. I was not so much about writing and going into depth but being in a circle of women being nourished by that.

I really enjoyed our course and our sessions and conversations and the life stories were really powerful. I don’t really remember what brought me to this course, but I have managed to reflect on inner things I have going on and it helped me with my writing, and with the help of Julia and the group it happened more naturally. The course also helped me as therapy. I enjoyed every minute of our sessions in company of women.

Forest Therapy

Julia, thanks so much for this beautiful session! It felt great, and I forgot to share – I hugged the tree and I was actually leaning on it… And it felt safe and so energising… just as being in this group tonight.

The sessions are so simple, and yet so profound. Julia’s facilitation helped me to quickly slip through the daily mind and access a place inside of me to be with what I already know and discover things about me that are new, but somehow old.

I have started to not only see but smell the forest more. I’m using my senses more. I feel more alive!

Once again thank for your support yesterday. Just so you know, I am feeling absolutely energised this morning with a sense of belonging. Special thank you to Julia’s mum. Have a blessed and delightful day.

After the session I slept better than I have in years. It feels like my whole system has been reset. Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Thank you very much Julia, I found some excellent thought pathways leading me to a greater improved appreciation. Thank you for leading and finding that space