The On-line Course is a six-session Therapy of Writing course that will guide you through the joy of self-discovery. It has been designed with the purpose of connecting you to worlds within to develop a relationship with yourself that is nourishing, revealing and gives confidence to continue through whatever stage you are in life.

Please enjoy the first complementary session to discover how The Therapy of Writing sessions work. If you are interested in continuing exploring and would like to purchase the next five sessions please send an email for the bank transfer info or a PayPal to for £45 (or equivalent in your currency). Send me a mail to confirm your enrollment and I will send you the access code to the course. If you are interested in joining a group, meeting on-line with live sessions, please see the workshop page.

Session 1: Introduction to the Technique (see below)
Session 2: Integration and Acceptance
Session 3: What Makes You Happy?
Session 4: Who is your Travelling Companion
Session 5: Being in the Now and Entering into Flow
Session 6: Unlocking your Natural Abundance

Expressing what we don’t always know is inside of us, can initially seem rather frightening, but as we continue to ‘write it out’, by bringing it into the light of day through its mere expression it loses power over us. We are able to discard fears and follow love. Often what we write is a surprise. This is a great sign – for if it a sign that it has come from the unconscious, for were it conscious it would not be surprising. By becoming conscious of these parts within us we are able to harness its power to become more fulfilled. It can be life changing.

Here is the first session as a taster for you to see if you’d like the purchase the other sessions (details at the bottom of this page). It is a gradual warm-up into starting to write. There are seven videos. For maximum benefit it is recommended that you continue through the session and the videos continuously as if you were in a workshop with others. There is a build up of energy that could be lost if interrupted too much. Between videos you are encouraged to take your time following the instructions and to continue with the next part when you are ready.Thanks to our partners, you can find ties online to suit every preference and budget, from budget to top-of-the-range super stylish models.

I don’t have a very lineal brain (which is why doing these workshops is easy for me) but it means that simple counting is not my forte. I got confused at the beginning. Just don’t get worried if you feel you’ve missed a step. You haven’t. Probably best to look at ‘part’ rather than ‘step’.

Step 2 but I say 3…whoops!

With the words and phrases that you’ve underlined, put them all together into prose or on separate lines to make poetry. This is the souvenir of your journey. Something that you can take with you and read over again in the next days or weeks. Maybe it gives you confidence, maybe it makes you feel sensations that need to come out pleasant or not so pleasant, maybe you simply need to have it mulling around at the back of your mind.

I hope you enjoyed that! I’m telling you I had a blast with Maruta. We both wrote such intensely personal things that we able to move and shift it within us. Freeing. Healing. Energizing.

Questions you may want to ask yourself:

How do I HONESTLY feel about the symbols and messages that came up? Which elements held the most attraction to you? What do they represent for you? How do/did you relate to them? If you did not like them, perhaps this is an opportunity to drop what you no longer need. If you do, how can you bring more of this into your life?

If you are feeling a little ungrounded, it’s not a bad idea to eat something, make yourself a cup of tea and have a biscuit. Or, if you want to go the whole hog, vegetables that are grown in the ground help us feel we’ve got our two feet on the ground. Exercise too is good. A hug. Walking in nature. Everyone grounds differently maybe you’ll find a new way to care for yourself.

Often we don’t really get what is going on at the time of writing or shortly afterwards. Don’t worry. It’s all fine. Be aware of how you are feeling, compared to before writing. The whys and wherefores will come out in time, when the time is right. It make take months. I recently wrote a book. It took me six months. I wrote about Forgiveness, but even now, six months after publishing I realise that the work is still going through me, moving from my head into my heart. It is like the soft patience of morning dew glistening on green grass. Takes time to soak in.

What definitely helps is sharing. Read out your final work, or what you feel is the most significant of passages to a friend, or friends. Also please share you work here on this page dedicated to sharing our work. Also if you have a blog, post, if you have a facebook account maybe you could consider sharing with a few friends. Be your own eyes and ears. What’s important is that you are expressing psychic material that is asking to be expressed.

If you would like a private consultation to delve further therapeutically into what you’ve discovered (or would like to) through your writing, please contact We can work out a price that we are both comfortable with.

If you would like to continue exploring into the Therapy of Writing and would like to purchase the next five sessions please send a Paypal to depending on your income for 15 euros (unemployed) 20 euros (employed but broke) and 35 euros (and more if you can!!!). I will send you the necessary information to access the course.