‘Her wicked humour and stunning presence is spellbinding.’
Anna Smith, Manchester.

‘Life changing.’
Fran Pontos, Catalonia.

‘World class…’
Gabriel Strutt, Austria

The links for the books take you to amazon.co.uk, but they are also available on the different countries’ amazon shops. If you prefer, you can purchase the books by contacting me directly: julia.robinsong@gmail.com.

The On Intimacy Series is a breathtakingly honest narrative biography of having loved, lost and lived. Prose weaves around poetry in a softly powerful exploration into the joys and pains of both solitude and intimacy. Based on real experiences of living in seven different cultures, these easy to access yet profound ideas use Jungian psychology to delve into deeper, more nourishing intimacy.

The Bedtime Series For Adults are endearing explorations into the wonder of being alive. Short reads for the philosopher on the go. Illustrated in an alluringly naive fashion, they ease the reader into warm baths of deep reflection. Not only wonderful for adults, these books make perfect gifts for young adults beginning the search of personal meaning. Food for anyone on the path to realising there are no answers only the joy of loving the questions themselves.

Poetry has always been a way to examine what is life. These three books are no exception. Poems to the well of being in the here-now, to Love and its expression through us and the joy of gathering life-giving peace.