Poetry is perhaps the purest, most essential expression of being alive. Distilled moments of a breath, an unwrapped emotion in its stark nakedness, the aroma of mist over a dawn river of insight.

Poetry has saved me more than once, a rope back into myself.

I gave Here Now to a friend. He left it on the table in his waiting room. After a couple of weeks he came to me beaming, hugging me, saying his clients were reading the book more than Rumi’s! He continued to say they were being touched, moved and healed! Very proud.

Utterly beautiful, this breathtaking collection of poems rightly places poetry back into its biggest and most serious task: helping us to love well. Tender and wise.

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A compendium of love poems written over fifteen years to lovers. I put them into order of entering, being and leaving a relationship, until I couldn’t remember which poem was to who. It dawned on me that this is how I connect to love, how I love – and in the ensuing blanket of nourishment and healing they became poems to Love Itself. While the Weeds Grow, Poems to Love are poems you will love, as well as being poems dedicated to that which connects us all.

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Deeply personal, this collection of poems is as vulnerable as I can get. I cannot describe the space between the words, the place where the personal ends and the universal begins.

Indescribably beautiful, I feel these poems were written through me. Poems to that which is within us all.

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