Based on my experiences of sharing circles for 15 years, I feel I need to share sharing circles! So powerful in their simplicity. I have held circles in Spain, England, Latvia and the US and it makes no difference who is who and what is what and where is who. Expressing what is going on within us liberates whatever it is to move, to become, to rise like bread in an oven or evaporate into the air like steam.

Sessions are almost hard to explain because they are so simple. A facilitator holds a circle, each person expresses themselves, what’s going on in their lives, how they feel, what they think, if they are angry or sad or joyous or afraid or falling in or out of love, have had an awful time at work, or happy about a project, family dynamics, confusion etc. Any feelings are welcome. The facilitator times each person, lets say for example for 2 minutes and when the time is up, it is up. Depending on the group and how it unfolds there is a second round (often people are inspired by others and have felt something deeper that they want to share/express). Sometimes we agree to do long shares of one round, other times we do short shares of many rounds. It is a free co-created space to share.

There are, obviously, rules and guidelines to create a safe container, all expressions are in the ‘I’ (we only talk about ourselves), no commenting on others shares, nothing to be shared outside the four walls, even with partners.

Naturally the circles create community, support and wellness.

They need to be experienced to be believed. If you are interested in joining a circle, either face to face or on-line please contact,