Day 1: 21 Days of Abudance by Deepak Chopra with Julia

What would you like to have more of in your life? 

More love, better health, more security? These meditations allow us to open up into deeper reconnection with life and the source of all abundance. We create our personal abundance from an infinite source, it is a matter of opening to it, believing it in our hearts and letting miracles into our lives.

I have lived like this for more than a decade. It is truely amazing as I look back – and somewhat daunting looking forward. But as I go through each hurdle of belief, I believe more. Each hurdle becomes bigger. The future is more welcoming. And the game goes on, until we find that we are in peace with whatever is happening around us, living in the abundance of peace, love and happiness, knowing that all we need comes flowing into our lives effortlessly. I believe it and I have experienced it.

I found these meditations really wonderful. They affected me in a subtle deep way. I actually got work in the middle of self-isolation and social distancing doing something that I love! Illustrating a book!!! Is it a coincidence? Do they exist? I know these meditations brought me peace and joy each morning and I am certain that allowing our inner world to become calm totally changes the outer world as we experience it.

The core of our being is the ultimate reality.

I highly recommend doing the meditation at the beginning of the day, if at all possible.

The links are only audio there is no video. This is a link to Day 1. In the top right corner you can continue onto each of the next days. Do it! Go through to the end. You can do it!!!

I just checked out the link and sat meditating, but there are adverts in it which are disturbing. So, I would recommend that you go to facebook and follow the meditations there on this group I created:

If it doesn’t work search in facebook for ’21 Days of Abundance by Deepak Chopra with Julia’.

Here are the audios from You Tube (but with ads):


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