Expand your comfort zone, break through into freedom and explore your truer self.

This weekend workshop will create increasingly deeper access to hidden worlds within, find blockages holding you back from greater freedom and allow you to open to your higher self to create a new greater, expansive space from which to be.

Based in part on ideas of C G Jung, this workshop is ‘a royal road to the unconscious’. This is a safe environment to explore motions of time, space, and Self so as to discover for ourselves who we are and then be it on purpose. Whatever arises – words, emotions, insights, ideas – is welcome and invited, for this is a journey into ourselves and of removing what is not.

The course involves sessions of Writing Therapy, Movement Exercises, Body Mapping and creative self-expression with others.

Set in a wonderful grounds with a large forested area we offer the rare opportunity to work within a pyramid built for energetic concentration, climb to the top of a viewing tower and generally enjoy being in such an amazing environment.

Please bring food for potluck meals. We will have a bar-b-cue Saturday night and singing around the fire. There will be an opportunity to take part in a cabaret.

Also, bring pen and paper, songs, poems, guitars, musical instruments and self-expression ready to be unwrapped.

The course is facilitated in English, but the writing and expression is possible in the language you feel most comfortable with.

There are limited places. Once the course is full it will not possible to join.

For more information and to reserve your place, please contact julia.robinson@gmail.com

Symbol of Kuli


F r i d a y
 5pmARRIVE. Settle in. Walk around grounds.
 7.30pmOpening Circle. Sharing circle.
 8pmFire and songs
S a t u r d a y
 10amGrounding into Time/Space. Movement exercise.
  Short Writing Therapy Session to discover
personal intention of weekend.
 3pmImprovisation session.
S u n d a y
 10amWarm up with Yoga. Body mapping
 2pmWriting Therapy Session. Discovering new Freedom within.
 4pmClosing circle
The ‘Dormitory’

W o r k s h o p     P r i c i n g     O p t i o n s

The weekend is for your growth. This should be accessible to all. If you would like to apply for a concession, please send a mail explaining your financial situation and why you would like to do the course.

The accommodation has been given as a gift by the owner, however to be able to distribute the differing accommodation, price modifications have been made. These prices include all of the activities of the workshop plus accommodation:

 Total course cost
Dormitory style accomodation65 per person
Camping65 per person
Sharing a double bed in a private room75 per person
A private room with two single beds85 per person
A private room to yourself with a double bed120 per person

If you are in the dormitory mattress and sleeping bags are provided but you will need to bring your own sheets.

If you are camping you will need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag, mat and other camping equipment that you require.