Father Christmas really is REAL!

Myths are stories passed down through the generations. The ones that are passed down, the ones that we remember, that impact us, are those that move us, and so ancient myths can tell us about what happens within us. Saint Nicholas (Father Christmas) is no exception.

From the place in the our ‘higher self’ we come down the chimney the separation of our bodies and have to face whether we like it or not the reality of chaos. How we react determines whether we transform our brute states. Naughty children receive coal (brute state), whereas if we are able we transform the coal within us to a diamond. Within we discover the Christ State (or Buddha state, or body of light (all religions essentially say the same thing with different words and perspectives). We find ourselves in the joy, peace and harmony of total transparency with what Is (the star at the top of the tree).

Addtional gems:

1) Father Christmas has many parellels with The Green Man and Silano (Dionysus). They both are dormant in the earth and arise within and without…

2) The Elves help make the gifts. Elves are spirits that live in the trees, in nature and in our own true nature. They are the intentions within us, or the helpers within, that help us to wittle ourselves down into becoming our true gifts. Discipline for musicians, belief for poets, kindness for teachers…

3) When we are in the dark of the chaos, which we can consider as a ‘bad day’, or when we go into our own depths or when we attempt to unravel our egoic reactions, there is a golden thread. We need to remember that which it connects us to. This golden thread is a guide through the darkness back into light, it is golden for it is what connects us to ‘heaven’ or to the skies, or to our higher selves, or indeed, depending on your beliefs to that which is more than us. I call this God.

4) The cycle that we do, over and over again, is time. The cycle of Father Christmas in the sky, going down the chimney, going back up the Tree of Life into the Sky, can be considered as a moment, a situation, a day, a week, a year, a life time, a reincarnation. All depends on your beliefs. Eventually and we need not continue the everlasting cycle in time, for time itself collapses and stops. We become One.

Happy Christmas!!! Happy Winter Solstice!!!

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