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Julia enchants and enthralls readers with her universal themes of love, friendship, and spirituality seamlessly woven into evanescent poetry. Theses inspiring poems, immersed with wonder of the subtle, offer comfort, delight and inspiration for all.

Julia Robinson invites the reader to find themselves again, to choose the vibrancy of life and to sink into the warm, blissful bath of bursting into silent song.

One of the Poems in ‘Here Now’

Responses from readers:

Julia has such a knack with words, such a wonderful, unique sense of humour, such grace and class…Her poems are so simple, unpretentious and direct to the point, while at the same time so very delicate, sweet and full of love that it leaves you feeling like you’ve just had the warmest embrace and keeps you reading them over and over again! I LOVE THEM.
Maya Delic

When I read Julia’s poems I cry and then feel uplifted. They make me think how complicated and difficult relationships can be. With a few words she is able to say things we cannot because we do not want to allow the world to see how vulnerable we are. Wonderful. Comforting. Real.
Carolyn Alyki

These poems are words in 3D!
Bettina Buttini

I have Julia’s book in my waiting room next to Rumi’s, people are moved and talk about her poems more than his! And so they should.
Lucien Heart

Some of them, like empty plate, are world class.
Beth Heaney

It’s not ‘what’ you say, but ‘how’. A poem from ‘Here Now’