When I was little I went to a primary school that taught us Brass. Brass should always have a capital letter. I was brought up in the north of England: aka Brass Band land. So at the grand old age of 7 I was asked which instrument I wanted to play. ‘The biggest…’ I said, unaware of the consequences. I played the tuba until I was 18.

It was only then, going to university and having to give back the tuba to the school, that I began to realise the huge gift that I had been given. Music is a source of comfort, it helps me process emotions, it gives me a nourishing place to be with others where silent bonds connect us into what we call ‘a band’. Music and poetry have often saved me in the hardest times of life. It is a richness, a priviledge, a joy.

And I would like to give back. Any children or adults wanting to learn to play a brass instrument, please apply merrily to: julia.robinson@gmail.com