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So pleased with my other books I sent them as a gift to a dear ex-boyfriend of mine for his birthday. We met in a little greek whitewashed tavern, talking about how it is so easy to confuse the map with the territory. How easy it is to believe what we think to be true, to go with what we want to see or feel or think, rather than that which is simply emmanating right here, right now.

Borges wrote a story where a king wanted a map so detailed it ended up being 1:1. ‘But where should we store it?’ cried the cartographers.
‘Lay it over my land,’ said the arrogant king.
And so the people walked on the map, over the land. But over time the land beneath began to change…

It was such a wonderful gift to be able to illustrate John’s what he calls, one-beat-drum. I had read his text years ago when we were living together in Boulder, CO. It fits so perfectly in with the other themes of Bedtime Stories for Adults that I said, ‘Yes’ wholeheartedly to his petition for me to illustrate his words.

John worked on these words with his brothers a few years ago and produced this video.