Funny, heart pumping and inspiring this, Forgiveness breathes life into each of its pages with beautifully simple prose and endearing illustrations offering a deeply personal testament to the process of forgiveness.

How to forgive?

What does it even mean?

Our self-image can actually stop us connecting to and being our Self.
Forgiveness is in order even for ourselves.

Be part of the exploration to effortlessly slip into the limousine of life and sink joyously into Self, chauffeured by the one and only – Love.

Delightfully mind-bending Forgiveness unveils a deeply personal journey and yet universal passage from the confines of the mind into the expansive freedom of Joy, Peace and Happiness.

Forgiveness is child’s play (easy once you’re there – though often difficult to get through ego to.)

Inspiring and insightful this book gives each of us the key to opening to the presence of Love.

Why make life difficult?

Forgiveness: The Superhighway to Bliss!

Reviews from Readers (please send yours too):

I received your drawing book “forgiveness”. I see you have put all pieces together of what you did: Jung studies and his integration, non-duality and observation of your own. It is as powerful as a long written book but avoids the misinterpretation of the words or miscomprehension on a mental level. A simple childlike book for adults.
I liked it. I actually felt a change in me after reading it. Thank you so much!

Guillaume – France