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Falling into a relationship with Albert Gabriel Lotito, we connected with our minds over the seas. He was in PA, USA and I was in Marple Bridge, UK. We sent our love through the soft lining of words through WhatsApp. I would walk through the Peak District National Park listening to his ideas. We would talk for hours upon end. But given the time zone differences, we monologued to each other. One such monologue slipped seamlessly from the lips of Albert one fine morning and I was enchanted.

I returned home and transcribed each and every word, and created the start of this book. And as creative processes go, it took a life of its own.

Slowly, patiently, without judging, the ideas slipped into a coherent whole. This book taught me patience, non-judgement and breathed me into the freedom of simply being.

Deep and piercing, surprise and encouraging, The Silence Well explores judgement and our resistance to being excellent to each other, and to ourselves.

The world is a stage, a mirror to the protagonist of your life: you. We can fill the stage with judgement: clouds that confuse and distort reflection. Judgement torments us with who we are not, it binds us to our fears and makes a mockery of our faces.

Why judge?

This essential book takes the reader through the various stages of judgement until its absolute absurdity is revealed – so to step into freedom.

Are you ready?

Ideal for anyone on the path to liberation of the Self.